You know why your air conditioning is important to you and Auto Max knows why the radiator is important to your engine. The radiator helps cool your engine while you’re out on the road. Unfortunately, the radiator, though an important part of your vehicle, is complicated, which means lots of things—minor issues, like a worn out hose or catastrophic issues that can leave you stranded or permanently damage your engine—can go wrong.

Take your vehicle to Auto Max to have your radiator checked out. Auto Max, a full service auto shop, can help diagnose and solve your radiator problems.

If your temperature gauge is in the red, head to Auto Max to have your radiator looked at as soon as possible. Another symptom of possible radiator problems is overheating—while in heavy traffic, while driving at fast speeds, or unpredictably. If you experience any of these go to Auto Max to have your radiator serviced.

The professionals at Auto Max can diagnose the problem, whether it’s low coolant levels, coolant leaks, loose or leaky tubes, a clogged radiator, or several other possible radiator ailments. Once the diagnosis has been made, Auto Max mechanics will repair or replace the parts that are causing the trouble, so you and your car can keep cool. Auto Max will have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Visit Auto Max and have hoses checked regularly to prevent any major issues. The mechanics of Auto Max can inspect your vehicle for possible radiator problems as well as other areas of concern.

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