Wheel Alignments

Simple driving, especially on rough roads teeming with potholes, can knock your car’s wheel alignment out of whack, causing you to need a wheel alignment from Auto Max. If you’ve noticed lately that it’s more difficult to keep your car in a straight line while driving on straight, even surfaces it might be time to take it to Auto Max for a wheel alignment. Also, if you’re steering wheel doesn’t stay centered or your tires are unevenly worn stop by Auto Max to have your car checked out.

Not only do wheel alignments make it easier for you to drive your vehicle, it’s better for your tires and makes for a more fuel-efficient ride. A wheel alignment at Auto Max may even clear up problems you thought were associated with steering. Stop by Auto Max for an inspection.

The ASE certified mechanics at Auto Max will take careful measurements and make fine adjustments ensuring you get a proper wheel alignment.

To lengthen the life of your tires, get a wheel alignment from Auto Max after purchasing new tires or having tires serviced. You can also go to Auto Max yearly to have a wheel alignment done if you drive on rough roads regularly. Your driving safety is important to Auto Max and the professionals there will have you back on the road safely and as quickly as possible.


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