Auto Max a full service auto shop, can help with any battery problems you may have.

Most people don’t give much thought to their vehicle battery until their car won’t start or the battery light comes on. And some people, even with warning, push their luck by ignoring the battery light. Auto Max takes your driving safety seriously.

If your battery light comes on, make your way to Auto Max as quickly as possible. Remember, if your battery dies, you won’t have windshield wipers, heater, defroster, headlights, hazards or taillights, which could be especially problematic in bad weather or at night. Auto Max is open until 7pm every weekday night to better serve you.
The ASE certified mechanics at Auto Max know that there can be other factors contributing to the problem besides a dead battery: corrosion on cable ends, loose cable ends for instance, low water levels, an over or undercharged alternator, or a loose fuse. The professionals at Auto Max will diagnosis the problem quickly.

If necessary, Auto Max will replace your battery with a high quality battery and you’ll be on your way quickly. Auto Max has a wide variety of Interstate batteries that will work best for your vehicle.

If you live in the Canton, Michigan area, be sure to visit Auto Max for your battery maintenance and replacement needs.

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