Brake Service

Perhaps, more important than making a vehicle go, is making a vehicle stop. The professionals at Auto Max know that each time you use your brakes, whether it’s simply to slow down or come to an immediate stop to avoid something in the road, there’s going to be wear and tear on your brakes. Over time, that can lead to brake failure and safety issues. When your car shows symptoms of brake problems it’s important to find quality brake service. Auto Max can provide professional brake service for your vehicle.

Mechanics at Auto Max take brakes seriously. There are many symptoms, like a brake light that stays on, that you may notice that require brake service. If your brakes are making noises like squealing, grinding or if your brakes grab, drag or pull bring your car to Auto Max for brake service and let one of our ASE qualified mechanics make a diagnosis. Whether the problem is low brake fluid or worn brake pads or shoes, Auto Max can fix it and have you on your way.

Auto Max believes that regular brake inspections can help curb potential brake problems and dangerous situations can be avoided. Because we know how important brakes are to safe driving, we offer free brake inspections at Auto Max.

At Auto Max we offer convenient affordable brake service for domestic or foreign cars, vans and light trucks as well as many other car maintenance services for drivers.

If you’re in the Canton, Michigan area, visit Auto Max for professional brake service.

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