The ASE certified mechanics at Auto Max understand there are fewer things more cringe inducing to a motorist than the sound of rattling coming from under the car or the sound of metal scraping on asphalt. Or worse, the sight of your muffler laying in the road as you drive away. The professionals at Auto Max can help.

Auto Max knows that while those situations are inconvenient or embarrassing, there are worse problems that can arise from a badly maintained exhaust system. When there is a leak in an exhaust system, carbon monoxide can make it’s way into your vehicle’s interior with potentially deadly results. Like you, the mechanics at Auto Max want your drive to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Simply put, the exhaust system vents gases from the motor out of the car. The exhaust manifold, exhaust pipes, muffler, catalytic converter and a number of other components make up the exhaust system. If something goes wrong in one area it affects your car’s performance. If you hear noises from under the car, smell exhaust (though keep in mind that carbon monoxide is odorless), notice higher engine temperatures or your vehicle fails an emissions test, bring your car to Auto Max to have your exhaust system checked out.

After diagnosing your exhaust system problem, the professionals at Auto Max can fix it and have you on your way as soon as possible.

The exhaust system in your car is vital, but like any vehicle part, things can go wrong. Auto Max understands the important role your exhaust system plays for your vehicle. Auto Max also takes your safety very seriously. If you suspect exhaust system issues, head to Auto Max.

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