Heating & Cooling

You may not be too aware of your car’s heating and cooling system during temperate seasons like spring and fall. But when the blistering days of summer or the frigid nights of winter hit, Auto Max knows you don’t want to be caught without a well-functioning heating and cooling system.

Your heating and cooling system plays a vital part in your comfort while driving, but Auto Max knows that if you don’t keep up with its maintenance, there could be bigger problems down the road. Heating and cooling system problems can lead to overheating or permanent engine damage. Auto Max wants to help you avoid major harm to your vehicle.

Symptoms of faulty heating and cooling include: no hot or cold air coming from vents, coolant inside the car, overheating, low temperature readings, a weird smell when the heater is on, or the sound of the cooling fan continuously running. Auto Max will check your heating and cooling system, diagnose and fix the heating and cooling system problem.
Heating and cooling problems can be caused by simple things like a blocked vent, weakened hoses or low coolant levels. There can also be more complicated issues involved and Auto Max can perform the necessary services to get your heating and cooling system back in working order.

If you experience problems that you suspect are related to the heating and cooling system, visit the professionals at Auto Max today. You can also stop by Auto Max if you’d like to have your heating and cooling system inspected before summer or winter or before a big trip. When you come to Auto Max, our ASE certified mechanics will get your car working as quickly as possible so you can be back on the road in no time.

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