Suspension Services

Have you been spilling more coffee in your car lately? It could be time to take your car to Auto Max to have your suspension system looked at. The suspension is responsible for the smooth ride you get while driving. The suspension also keeps jostling to a minimum when your drive over railroad tracks or bumpy roads. But the mechanics at Auto Max know there’s more to the suspension system than comfort.

While you may think the most important role of the suspension system is maintaining a steady ride, the ASE certified mechanics at Auto Max know that the suspension system is vital to steering, handling and braking, since it helps wheels keep contact with the road. Auto Max takes your safety seriously and wants to be sure your vehicle is in proper working order. Auto Max is a full service shop, so any time you’re in need of car repair stop in.

Head to Auto Max if you notice your vehicle is lower in the front or back, bounces more than usual, is harder to control when stopping unexpectedly, or veering during lane changes. The professionals at Auto Max will quickly diagnose your suspension problem and have you on your way.

Whether your suspensions problems involve shock absorbers, struts, dampers, or any of the other components that make up the suspension system, Auto Max will be happy to take the time to check your vehicle out. Visit the professionals at Auto Max today if you suspect problems with your suspension.

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